About Rotary Family Health Days (RFHD)

Rotary Family Health Days is the signature program of Rotarians For Family Health & AIDS Prevention (RFHA). The program promotes healthy living and disease prevention by implementing a massive, annual campaign in four countries in Africa that provides comprehensive, free health care services tens of thousands of people in underprivileged communities.

The services include lifelong immunizations to children, such as polio and measles vaccines and comprehensive life-saving annual screens such as HIV, TB, Malaria, Diabetes, Hypertension and more.

This program is Rotary-led but leverages the power of partnerships that include The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation, the U.S. Mission – including the Centers for Disease Control, USAID and the health service delivery expertise of their Implementing Partners -- plus each of the in-country Ministers of Health (Department of Health) who provide services and supplies at the sites. Equally importantly in each country are the primary media partners that include the SABC and Caxton in South Africa, plus other media centers in each of the other countries.

Now in its fourth year, the results continue to be impressive, as follows:

South Africa 130 4,000 66,500
Ghana 30 400 23,100
Uganda 88 1,000 113,166
Nigeria 154 2,751 140,856
Total 402 8,151 343,622

This program was initiated in 2011 when PDG Stephen Mwanje (Uganda) asked Marion Bunch of RFHA for partnership support in obtaining funding and other resources for this program. It was his vision for all Rotary clubs in his district to work together on a common cause, specifically focusing on HIV/AIDS but including other disease prevention measures at the same time. The program has grown from serving 38,000 citizens in one day in 2011 to the current 2014 statistics shown above.

Measurement and Evaluation of impact to prove sustainability is critical to the success of this program. A template was created in 2014 to do a 90 day follow up impact study. This will be implemented in all four countries in 2014.

It is the vision of RFHA to expand the health campaign each year across Africa’s continent as well as do a pilot in India in 2015.