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RFHA’s purpose is to provide assistance and support to Rotary clubs, districts and multi districts in planning and implementing large scale, community development and humanitarian service projects. Because the power of Rotarians influence at the community level is well known, RFHA has been successful in establishing partnerships and generating substantial funds for their programs.

RFHA Inc Board of Directors

Sue Paget


Past District Governor Sandra McKersey


Past District Governor Greg Cryer

Vice Chair

Henry Grady III


Tasbih Hussain
Past RI Director (15/16, 16/17) Brad Howard
Len Lanzi
Past President RI Great Britain and Ireland Nan McCreadie
Past District Governor Natty Moodley
Past District Governor Olugbemiga Olowu
RI Director Dr Bharat Pandya (19-20)
Past RI Vice President (17/18) H Dean Rohrs
Past RI Director Brian Stoyel (17-19)

RFHA Inc Board Advisors

Dr Laura Kann

Physician and Research Scholar-Princeton University

Sandy Thurman

Centers for Disease Control

Peter Kyle

Rotary International Director (2020-2022)

Dr Phil Silvers

Past Rotary International Director

Marion Bunch

RFHA Inc Founder Emeritus

Stella Anyangwe, MD, PhD

District Governor Elect

Larry Lunsford

Past Rotary International Director (2013-2014)

RFHA SA NPC Board of Directors

Past District Governor Grant Daly


Past District Governor Greg Cryer
Past District Governor Anton Meerkotter

Financial Director

Past District Governor Lynette Stassen
PDG Stephen Mwanje
PDG Bharat Pandya
PDG Greg Cryer
PDG Olugbemiga Olowu

Support Team

Kristal Hangana

Executive Business Administrator

Emile Mouton

RFHA Inc Monitoring & Evaluation

Sarah Paterson

RFHA Inc Media Team

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