RFHA, Inc. has Served Over 2.5 Million Men, Women, and Children with Free Health Services Since 2011

RFHA Inc was created to save and improve lives around the world. We do so through a direct impact on strengthening the infrastructure on health care delivery systems worldwide. By mobilizing a network of hundreds of Rotary Clubs, RFHA is a recognized Rotary Action Group and custodians of the Rotary Family Health Days Program.

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What we do

The signature program of RFHA (Rotary Family Health Days) was developed in response to the need for a collaborative project to bring together Rotarians across the various districts within each country, to work on a shared goal. Nine years later the Rotary Family Health Days have evolved into 9 countries using a massive humanitarian-driven force to:

  • Provide free critical health screenings, testing, and referrals
  • Unite partners from the Public/Private sectors, civil society and media
  • Educate hundreds of thousands of people on disease prevention

RFHA Inc's Strategic Alliance Countries

In 2019 the RFHA Inc Board voted to develop its signature program to strengthen partnerships through the creation of Strategic Alliance Countries.  RFHA is working to develop and grow the Program to one of scale globally through Rotary Regions, Countries, Districts, and Clubs.

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Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

RFHA Inc is a 501C3 and has a subsidiary RFHA SA NPC to manage Southern Africa

RFHA Inc Board of Directors (USA)

RFHA Inc is governed by 10 International Board Members and governs 4 regions overseeing 8 African countries and India

RFHA SA NPC Board of Directors (RSA)

RFHA SA NPC is governed by 4 Board Members including representatives for each of the 3 Rotary Districts in Southern Africa

Our Values

  • Professionalism (Trustworthy Brand)
  • Commitment to Success/ Partnership
  • Community Empowerment
  • Consistency/ Quality
  • Communication
  • Sustainability/ Accountability
  • Integrity/Respect
  • Inspiring thousands to serve millions